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"My Candles Are On The Way!"

We are now shipping and you can order today!

Little Moments. Big Difference

Welcome to L&A Candles, where we encourage you to be a candle in a world of lightbulbs, take a trip down a road a little less traveled, a little dimmer but simply more inspiring, relaxing, and most important blissfully scented, simply because no source of light shines quite as beautiful as that of a candle.

The Reviews Are In!

These beautiful candles came wonderfully packaged. The candles smell incredible! Without even burning them and simply just opening the lid, the smell fills any room giving off an amazing aroma. Customer service was amazing and the delivery was fast. I love these candles! - Kay Williams

Soft Launch Event

In early September we launched our brand 

in Chicago and it was amazing. Getting to

witness our much customers loved the

scents was the best moment we could have had. This brand was built with the intention of creating a company that would be here for the next 50 years or more. Please continue to enjoy our candles and spread the love and positivity. 


Scents. And Chill.

Order Today.

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