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Our Story

Founded in 2019, L&A Candles is a home fragrance and safe care brand. 

Meet the Maker

Leah Alexis, Founder, and Creator of L&A Candles. 


“Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, after completing a Degree in Pharmacy, I worked as a pharmaceutical technician for 7 years. I soon became uninspired with my career choice and began to obsess with my own wellbeing, and how to de-stress and help those around me also relax and find peace in this fast track life we live. Candles were always my default relaxation tool. There was nothing quite like the invigorating scent of a candle to always help set the mood and awaken my senses.  Before I knew it my passion turned into my hobby, candle-making became the craze and my family and friends quickly made me realize that this wasn’t just a little hobby, this was my purpose; bringing scent & wellbeing together.  Creating a little jar of bliss, that anyone could have in an instant no matter what season of life they were passing through.”

The First step is always the hardest…

I decided to put the self-doubt away and bring out the aroma and essential oils instead. The power-mixing began, blending all the good stuff and focusing on the feeling that came from each blend. I would close my eyes and let the scent take me to the place only it could before I knew I was on a tropical beach, sipping coconut milk with a slice of mango and pineapple beautifully decorated around the rim. And there it was my first collection; Pure Romance; a tropical fusion of my vision; with pineapple and orange top notes blended with ripe mango and a hint of peach, and coconut milk as the base note. My process was born, a way to create wellbeing through the feelings that arose with the amazing scents that were blended. My process makes L&A Candles unique, every time I begin a new collection I let the inspiration come directly from the blend of aromas, I let them take me exactly where they want me to go, to my next collection. Art by smell, crafting wellbeing and beautiful scents.

Home Exterior

Our Purpose

You may have a favorite brand of candle already which you couldn’t think of replacing, but let me let you in on our little secret, what makes L&A candles so different from the rest.

Live good. Relax.

Get Your Candles Now.

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