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We are now accepting orders for all candles

Introducing The "For The

Moment' Collection

Enrich your living space with the varied fragrant scent of our For The Moment candle collection. Included in the set are our Pure Romance, Pineapple Waves, and Ladies Night candles which give you all the needed fragrances to enlighten the day!

You’ll be delighted to find new places to light these candles whether it be your living room, bedroom, office, or nightstand. A mixture of tropical, sweet, and citrusy scents makes this candle set a nice addition to any modern themed home.


"The Candle Smells So Good"

Every time you light our candles we want you to reminisce and bring back that feeling, evoke that emotion you felt in those wonderful moments of your life.

Scents. And Chill.

Order Today.

At L&A Candle, we are very passionate about each and every precious collection and the impact we are making on our beautiful planet. We try our very best not to use any plastics when packaging our products and ensure all our products are ethically sourced using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, which will be sure to please both candle lovers and planet lovers alike.

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